Thursday, July 27, 2006


I am back from Taiwan!

Now I have to turn my body clock back, cos I spent 99% of my days in Taipei sleeping at 7am. :P
It's madness being nocturnal.

And I've got to pack!!
How ah ... I need a bigger wardrobe, preferably one the size of my room.
I fell asleep last night dreaming of the way I want my room to look, if I had the money to splash on it. Hee hee.

I vaguely remember that I am supposed to put on some pictures. Haha.
I'll try to get around to it ... after I unpack and finish reading my mags and meeting up with my frens. :P

1 comment:

Gloria Wong said...

OMG .. u went taiwan for a month ! U cut your hair! I almost couldn't recognize u when i saw u in svc! In my heart i was thinking to myself, how come this girl look so like sharon .. If u did not smile and wave at me i would prob think that its a sharon-look-alike ! hahaha! =p anyway, nice hair-cut. so refreshing ! =) catch up soon yea...