Saturday, August 12, 2006


Yay! I caught fireworks tonight, thanks to Wan Ee! :)
She asked me along for dinner with ooh la la Ash, and designer-Adrian came along impromptu-ly.

Gosh, it certainly felt like we never stopped eating tonight ... :P
We hit one restaurant and 2 cafes in a few hours.
But we started and ended with dessert, and everyone knows that dessert doesn't count.

Okei, here's a pic of the fireworks.

I know!! How disappointing is my Cybershot?!
This pic does no justice to the show AT ALL.
I gave up after a few pics, cos they were so nothing....
Never mind, will wait for the other pics from Ash and Adrian.

This year's crowd was hilarious.
They were wow-ing at EVERYTHING.
And Ash and I kept laughing sneakily at this super-loud, super-beng boy behind us.

"You call these fireworks?!"
"Come on lah, all these one-line one-line fireworks ... delay time only..."
"Oei! Sit down lah!!"

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