Tuesday, August 22, 2006

taiwan taiwan

I'm in Taiwan again, but only for 4 days this time.
Which is good, 'cos it gives my face time to recover from the whiplash of the previous trip. :P
Okei, while we are waiting for our cab ... a quick update:

We're in another hotel this time!
I lurf trying new places ... it's boring to stick to the same stuff all the time when you're overseas.
And I lurf the hotel room!!
It's spacious enough to make me feel like we have our own personal space, plus Amy and I get a queen-sized bed EACH!
Hee hee.
Plus the room's a proper rectangular shape, with no absurd corners...
Plus my bed is at the end.
I lurf it when I can take in everything at a glance, seeing I don't have eyes at the back of my head, and it gives you a headache to keep scanning your environment.

Okei I am starving, but we are going to the printers now!
Craving for KFC. :P

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Gloria Wong said...

tried tag at your tagboard, can't seems to do it! haha.

anyway, yea, i'm there at the fireworks with my class. And on u look great in your short hair !!! =)

Man, ya back in taiwan again! haaha =) take care!