Sunday, June 8, 2008


Glad I caught Kung Fu Panda with my CG last night!
It's not just soooooper funny, but it's all about loyalty and submission.
Special thanks to SY, Jialing, Jimmy and Matthew though....
As they missed the first bit of the show cos they were waiting for me to finish meeting YL. 
By the time we panted our way to the Cathay from Park Mall where we parked, we all (okei, maybe just me...) felt like Po after he had climbed up the mountain...:P
Another reminder that I should start exercising.

On an embarrassing sidetrack: 
I slipped and landed on my butt in the Expo toilet cubicle last night!
The whole toilet went silent for a while as the gals outside tried to figure out what in the world that "BOOM" sound was. 
It was soooo OUCH I took quite a while to get up.
Then when I finally emerged from the cubicle, everyone was like looking to make sure I was okei...:P
Now my right hip has a nasty blue-black.
Kuah kuah kuah.

Father's Day is coming!!
Praying that my dad will come for the service! 
Fast and pray-ah.....

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