Tuesday, June 3, 2008

personalised service

This is why people pay big bucks to return to hotels where the staff don't just remember their names, but also their likes and dislikes.
Everytime I return to Tao's at Paradiz Center, I'm amazed at what one of the waiters, Gregory remembers.
The service there is fantastic ... superbly attentive but not annoying.
Well, except for one waiter, who can be a little insensitive and pushy.
But overall, it's impressive.
And the food there is pretty good too ... quality at most stages of the 7 courses.

My aunt and uncle took my family there on my first trip.
Since then, I've been very impressed with their frenliness and personable-ness, and how they would make suitable recommendations.
Eg. my granny was offered the clear fish soup as it was good for her age ... I was suggested to have my steak done medium as I was wearing braces ... 

Each time I go back, Gregory always asks after my aunt and uncle.
Not only does he remember where I sat, and my favourite drink, but on the last occasion, he even recalled what I was wearing and that I was rushing off towards the end of dinner!
And that was like at least a month ago. Simply amazing. 

I wanted to try the baby lobster pasta last week, but they had changed the menu, so I took the herb crusted prawns instead and it was yummy too. 
After dinner, Gregory came by to do the, "Is everything okei?" check.
I was generally very happy with everything, but just lightly commented that the chocolate in the fondue was not warm.
He explained why and immediately offered a creme brulee on the house to make up for it, which we rejected because we were tooooooo full from the rest of the courses. Haha.  

But back to what I was saying ... now THAT is service for you.

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