Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Something is brewing...

I'm just not sure what it is.

Peter McHugh
"The beauty of frustration is that it is a clear sign that we have reached a limit."

So it's a good thing, because I'm at the tip-over point of frustration. 
In fact, I think I'm even feeling it physically.
There's been this squirm in my neck and shoulder blades for the past few days.
I feel like I'm welding a small little ice-pick, chipping away at a gangantuan glacier.
I'm desperate for something to change. 
Something MUST give way.

Haggai 2:15-17 (Message)
Now think ahead from this same date—this twenty-fourth day of the ninth month. Think ahead from when the Temple rebuilding was launched. Has anything in your fields—vine, fig tree, pomegranate, olive tree—failed to flourish? From now on you can count on a blessing."

When the breakthrough comes, I imagine it'll be like a waterfall of hot water over the glacier. 
Or else, the glacier will finally collapse because of all the little "chasing-donkeys" chipping away at its base. 
Let it come soon!

Haggai 2:9
"This Temple is going to end up far better than it started out, a glorious beginning but an even more glorious finish: a place in which I will hand out wholeness and holiness.' Decree of God-of-the-Angel-Armies."

But if I keep looking at the former glory, I will miss out on the building fun of the latter glory.
Look forward and live in the moment! :)

Btw, I soooooo lurf "Captivated" in the True Worshippers album.
The cello and violin arrangement is fantastic.
What a lovely mix of talent and anointing!

p.s. Check out this ole pic of me and Shan.
I don't even remember my hair was ever THIS long!
Gosh, I wonder how long it'll take to grow it to that length again?

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