Wednesday, August 27, 2008

dad's name in THE BOOK

Badly want to sleep but stopped by to say that:


Dad was admitted into NUH on Sat cos he fell down in the bathroom.
I only found him lying on the floor in the bathroom because it was raining and we got up to close the windows.
Sigh, we got him a urine pot so he wouldn't have to get up from bed, but he insists on being independent.
We immediately called an ambulance to send him in. 

Doc said the fall didn't do him much harm, but the tumor is growing fast and pressing on some tube in his brain, preventing fluid from flowing.
So pressure is building up, which causes him to become sleepy more frequently.

Yesterday, Pst Tan came by the hospital to pray for him and led him into salvation.
Pls keep praying that his faith will grow and he will be confused by his childhood religion no more.

We also had a revelation that he's more receptive to guys praying for him...haha. 

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