Saturday, August 9, 2008

the most childish post ever ... I'm in that mood.

I realised ... I don't really know how much I want something until I realise I'm disappointed when it doesn't happen. 

'Cos I missed the NDP fireworks!!!! 

(stamps feet)


Okei, fine. 
So it's not a big deal.
And yes, I'm sure it's nothing compared to the Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony.

But still, it's FIREWORKS! 
And we only get them like twice a year in Singapore. 


Okei lah, shall look forward to catching the Aug 22 one.
Should be good, considering it's Fireworks Festival.

For now, I'm going off to allay the despondency of the nonevent with a game of Cranium!
Hee hee. 

Soul food like that make me happy again.

And maybe we can follow it up with a game of Pictionary too. 

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