Thursday, August 28, 2008

here it comes!

Still clapping my hands at Dad's salvation!
He allows practically everyone who asks to pray for him now...
Ps. Tan arranged for pastoral staff from Chinese Church to visit him everyday, and he's very receptive to all their sharing and prayers.
And I just heard from Amy that he said Amen loud and clear yesterday when my cousin prayed for him, when I was at leaders' meeting. 
Now instead of saying "You and I have different religions," he says instead, "Slowly....I've believe for 62 years....Cannot anyhow let go....slowly..."
Like JX analysed for me, it's easy for the Indians to accept Christ, but getting them to let go of their 1001 idols is another matter.
Haha....true true. 

But the main thing is, he's accepted Christ! :)

And for those who have not yet heard, I'm attached. 
I remember assuring Jeek years ago, that when it happens, I'll be sure to shout from rooftops.
Cos everyone asks me all the time when it's gonna be.
Okei, I've since discovered that HDB rooftops are not accessible to laymen like us. :P
So there you go. 
My blog and Facebook are the next best things.
That and all the spreading by happy well-wishers.
I've been getting a lot of great feedback on it, so it's really quite cool. Haha. 

I don't have any pics yet, but if you're curious, can pop by my Facebook to take a look. :)

Natelyne commented that it's reaping season for me, and I agree!
I used to wonder why after sowing for so many years, I haven't reaped any breakthroughs in my family.
But I constantly remind myself that God will never shortchange His people.
And true enough!
Here it comes!
I am so grateful. :)



ling kai said...

Steady lah ... Jesus saves!

Anonymous said...

hip hip hooray!!! *pop champagne, pop balloons, & most imptly FIREWORKS!!!* LOL :D

Sharon Chew's blog said...

HAHAHAHA......GENE! Thanks for the FIREWORKS! :)