Tuesday, November 1, 2005


To my very encouraging frens...thanks for yr comments.

The Laughter that belongs to Shachew is back in all its rambunctious glory. :P

XO, why didn't I share? I..........donno. Not that there was much to share anyway. Haha.... Actually, I didn't need to. You helped, in yr own way....You swung it out of me with the last 'donut'! Haha...

Daz, thanks for the offer. Was just worried that the 2-way door will hit me as I approach it. Haha. Oops, the corniness kicks in again! :P I know u've got exam stress on yr mind too (starting to pile on yah?). Appreciate it tho.

Anna, grannies are da best! You da bomb too! Haha....you know what, come to think of it, kinda miss our Friday and Sunday dates at the library, but we'll move on to *ahem* hot chocolate and movie dates after yr exams okei! Heh heh.

Also, am I wrong or was last week a particularly down week for a few other people too?
"Be strong and of good courage", says He who will not fail you.
For all those on Swot Vac this week...hang in there for your distinctions.
Just when yr last finger is about to slip from the parapet, the Prince will come.

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xodus said...

Woah your music getting very dramatic.. Anyway, I knew something was up your sleeve but I know you will share if you need to so i didnt worry much.. God will guide you like he guided you in the past. Through Tests and trials comes victory!

A lending ear is still just 2 doors down! though for the time being its only a door away!