Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Someone once said, "Friends break your heart, and they mend it. They will cause you to feel every emotion under the sun, good or bad. Friends are practically emotion-incarnate."
Unbelievably true.

In my life, I have had heaps of friends come and go. Some I look back on and wonder how they came into my life when I so don't deserve them. Some I wonder why I stuck with them for so long, and why I cried so hard when they left. Some I wonder how we became friends when we have nothing in common whatsoever. Some I wonder if I had done things differently, would they still be around today. Some I just decide to let go cos I felt I had to. It's a tricky thing - frenship.

I figure I should chronicle who's around these days....these are the people I thank God for.
People who have played a big part in my life this year, are those who :

a) are so similar to me.

Caroline always understands me, cos we are the same in some ways. Haha...She's always watching out for me. Here's a gal who packs me away for a short break cos she knows I need one, and takes real good care of me along the way. Plus, she is great fun to be with! :)

Rosy-posy is the fren who sits with me quietly as we apply makeup infront of the same mirror. Then when I burst into a hum of some Stephen Chow movie soundtrack, she joins in with much gusto! Haha. She is the power to counteract the opposition of Val in my life (read fren-type b)! Haha...

b) are the total opposite from me.

Who else but Val?! I lurf Coke, she lurfs Soya-bean. I detest red bean and sweet corn, and they turn out to be her favourite dessert. Every guy I think is cute, she rolls her eyes at (and vice versa, but with one major exception.) When we hit frenship problems, I want to confront and conclude, she'd rather keep quiet and draw her own conclusions. I shudder at her fave songs, she scratches her head at my song list. I walk out of a movie going "tsk tsk" and she goes "Wah!"

Haha. Unbelievable and totally enjoyable.

c) are rarely around, but totally dependable when I need them.

Jae usually never picks up when I call. He is online at the most bizarre hours when I barely have any energy left to keep up with his hyperactive chats. He never replies my letters. He replies my sms-es sporadically. He doesn't acknowledge when I send out photo-links. He reads my blog and comments once in every 6 months. And yet somehow, solely thru MSN, he's convinced me that he's totally available when I need him. And let's not forget his brutal honesty which has led to eye-opening understanding for me at least twice in this year. Oh, am I grateful for brilliant maverick Jae.

I prob get to meet Min once a year, and I mean ONCE A YEAR. Even when we are both in the same country, our schedules just never coincide. But when we finally do meet up, we go on a chat-binge for at least 6 hours.

I haven't seen Mark in ages!! He flies in when I'm out, then flies out again just before I fly in. Tsk tsk, he shouldn't make it so obvious that he's avoiding me....Haha...but I know he's always there. Lurf it that he bothers to drop the occasional msg to ask after me when he's oh-so-busy spinning around the world.

d) share fun-times with me.

My supper gang in Singapore!
Who else is always up for supper in the middle of the nite but the gang of Val, Rose, Wel, Mark, Bry?! Only because they are forced by circumstances to fellowship as nocturnal human beings... p.s. I miss the ice cream and chips at Oscar's.

And my Melb gang!
Too much time in the library have we spent mugging together....too many days when we should have been out enjoying the sun at the beach...or a Koko Black hot chocolate in the Melbourne chill.

I found Anna-babe this year, and she has become one of my fave people. Can always chat up a storm with her, and she's totally up for fun anytime. And when she gets high, she starts kicking her heels together! Haha. Woo hoo....dun even get me started on the toilet jokes. :P

My hsemate Louis who's become a great fren to me. Unbelievable ups and downs in this frenship, but in a nutshell.....a fren is born out of many timely car drives and dvd screenings, amongst other things.

e) make me laugh oh-so-hard

Jae and Bry and Louis and Howard and Darren.
No explanation required for Darren. Just read his blog.
Louis cracks me up with the corniest jokes.
Much like Bry, who makes the funniest 'auntie' remarks.
And Howard is in a league of his own when it comes to impersonation.
But Jae's wicked sense of humour only appears in full throttle in msn chats.

f) know me so well I don't even have to say a word for them to pick up on what's going on.

Has to be Yah Lan. She's not just a leader I respect and stand in awe of, but she's also a friend who has won her way into my heart with pure love. She knows the right time to rebuke me, and the right time to listen and let me be. Above all, she reads me so well I barely have to open my mouth sometimes. :P Always feel accepted by her.


Anonymous said...

what is born in shoe shops, over cups of coffee, nights of insane laughter? what transpired down rabbit trails, up 13 flights of steps and travelled down under? what cost $800 and travels at 150km/hr on Valentine's day?

God had a huge sense of humour when He put you and i on that same bus to KL... same room.... same ministry... then same friends... (hmmm we do have more in common than i thought) .. on top of that same guy we think is mmmmm yummy

hahaha (there goes the insane laugher..)

it's always good to know that when i turn around and you're not there.. it's cos you're way ahead looking out for me, or jus quietly standing next to me, until i realise where you are :)

if i had an auctioneer to place a value on what we share.. kfc will have to close down. chicken will be short on supply.



Anonymous said...

i beg ur pardon.. it's not jus kfc. popeyes, mac will have to change to a fish-only menu, burger king will revamp.. and chicken rice stalls will never be the same again.

Boy: uncle! chicken rice 1 plate!
Uncle: rice only. no chicken
Boy: bo chicken?
Uncle: bo chicken!
Boy: then how?
Uncle: chicken rice, .. with fish?


Anonymous said...

wah..where am i?boo hurt.but then i notice that you said "this year". so forgiven lah! haha..jus joking. see u in melb soon..