Thursday, December 1, 2005

pottermania and a good deal, amongst others

Part 1 :

Harry Potter - Goblet of Fire has finally arrived in Australia! Way overdue, if u ask me, considering it's already been running for a while in Singapore.

Harry's hair is longer and more unruly.
Ron is fleshier.
Hermione is prettier.
The scenery is cool.
So are the newbies who play Viktor Krum, Cedric Diggory, Fleur Delacour and Cho Chang.
The show is WAY darker.
I think it stopped being a kid's tale from The Chamber of Secrets.

All in all, it was a pretty concise presentation of what was in the book, except for 1 or 2 things they changed. For dramatic effects, I suppose.
Considering how thick the book was, it was no mean feat to pick out the necessary bits and squeeze them into a movie that was.....2.5 hrs?!
So I'm pretty satisfied, altho I still prefer the book.

One question though,
Why is Dumbledore so fidgety and tak-cool in this episode?

Part 2 :

While waiting for Chester to come down to the city, some car nearly ran into me and Darren! We were crossing the road oh-most-legally, but the driver just did some kinda weird turn and didn't see us RIGHT IN FRONT of her car. She then found herself at an awkward angle. So she stopped for a while, then continued driving TOWARDS us! We saw the car coming straight at us. Stunned, I didn't know whether to run for it or take a few steps backwards. I ended up just standing there in shock. Darren moved to his left and the car came soooooo close to touching him already. Then suddenly, she saw us and braked in time! We were about 5 cm from the car by then. Boy was she apologetic. Man, sooooo thank God that His hands are really really over His children. If I had ran for it, I would have been hit. Phew! :)

Part 3 :

No more big 42-inch (?) TV! Louis has returned the gargantuan screen to his fren. Speaking of which, Brian already left a week ago for Singapore, and Louis left this morning, so it's me and Kitaro left in the house now. Pretty quiet without the other two boys for me to shush at. It's all cool though. In 20 more days, I'll be back in Singapore chomping down comfort food! Heh heh. Anyway, so now I've to watch dvds on the small TV that's about as big as a basketball. Sigh. I will say it again. Don't give a person something better and then take it away. Haha...I have been spoilt. Anyway, I won't have much time to watch dvds, ' Part 4.

Part 4 :

For those asking, what am I doing these days? Preparing to sell the household stuff ie. fridge, picnic table, sofa bed, aforementioned puny TV. Everything else will probably go in the dump. Heh heh. It feels great to throw stuff away. Altho, 3 bagfuls of stuff went to the Salvos today, so at least some other kid will be blessed with nice stuff at cheap prices! Am preparing for when family arrives too, next Sat. Yes, am also starting to pack (my fave bit) to go back for good. In Zhi's words, woots! In my own words, yeah-ooh-la-la-hoooooooo!!

Am also helping to ship Jim's boxes of stuff back to Singapore. In return, he's promised to sponsor my wedding photo folio in future. Woo hoo! I got a great deal cos he's a fabulouso photographer man! I am posting this so I will not forget to claim it in future. Haha.

Part 5 :

I am sleepy and it's a warm night. Good nite and God bless your day! :)

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Darren said...

they say near death experiences will unlock some secret powers within you. ooooooo I can't wat. I feel it working already!