Thursday, August 10, 2006


I've found a new blogskin!
But it's not up yet, cos I'm still tweaking it.

For now, I've finally gotten my photos uploaded so here are a few of them!

Yi) On hols in Bintan

Shazperenza Bloom! All I need are my elf ears.

After-lunch drowsiness hits!

I like this pic cos of the sampan in the middle of nowhere ...

Isn't this gorgeous?!

They went nuts playing foozball in the middle of the night ... I think we woke the whole resort.

Er) My first working trip to Taipei, Taiwan!

That's the typhoon/tropical storm brewing in Taipei! There were 2 of them actually. The first one was spinning wildly towards Taipei and looked set to hit during the Emerge Conference, but it dissipated into nothing much, which was great ... I really think it was all the prayers. The Taiwanese said they had never seen such a bizarre typhoon ever. Haha.

The second one was the nite before I returned to Singapore. But it was disappointing ... I kinda pictured us gasping at the uprooted trees etc, but it turned out to be mostly just heavy rain and trees swaying in the wind. :P

My colleagues and me having a yummy dinner (mostly our only meal for the day, cos of our warped sleeping habits :P)

San) Out of Mulan's shadow ...

This skirt makes me feel like a gal! Never mind that I keep tripping over it when I climb stairs. :P


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