Friday, February 16, 2007

Letter to an unknown person

Dear __________,

Thanks for the flowers.
It was really flattering to come into the office and see a lovely bouquet sitting on my table.

I must say, it created quite a stir in my department and resulted in a major surge of creativity amongst my colleagues.
MSN was bombarded with what KK thought to be a virus.
Here's a shot of my screen at the apex of all the action.

I realised that telling you this could very well ensure that you never reveal your identity, but just tot I'd share that the bouquet led to a whole day of fun for me and my department.

So, thanks. :)



On the other hand, thanks to A.T. for the other pretty bouquet.

Actually, it's more like thanks for being so sweet to your sis, cos if not, I wouldn't have tan dio by association. Hahaha....
But it was really sweet of u to remember me while buying flowers for her.
And even though she bought me the CD, I know u spread the word.
So, thanks again for that, and for being such a pirate on my behalf. :P


It's always great to end off V-day with good friends. :)


Anonymous said...

Glad u like the red rose.

slegna said...

i know who i know who!
k i don know, but i'm praying its him!!
oh sharon!!!

xodus said...

Wow so interesting.. Poor me didnt get any flowers over the V-day! Haha... Wort! I love flowers! haha yeah right! Glad to hear you had a smashing time!