Thursday, February 8, 2007

tribute to C.T.

My idea of a good friend is someone who:

1. Has seen you at your stupidest and doesn't think any lesser of you.
2. Drives you from your home in Marine Parade to some remote area of Lim Chu Kang, and waits in the car for you as you attend a wake, just to make the most of a day together.
3. Picks up the tab at Hong Kong Cafe or Xin Wang on days when you are running low but still die-die wanna meet up for supper.
4. Packs you off on a holiday when you are emotionally drained and physically tired out and desperately in need of a break.
5. Can sing up a storm with you in Kbox anytime and doesn't mind when you screech wildly or attempt the most aiyoyo songs.
6. Obliges you when you feel like getting a piece of Siloso beach, or Popeyes, or Rochester.
7. Keeps quiet and lets you have your way when you are just being stubborn, knowing that you'll realise it much later.
8. Tries to be there for you even when you are studying in Melbourne, and listens patiently when you call back with the occasional breakdown, and then extravagantly encouraging you until you bounce back.
9. Is honest with you.
10. Offers opinion but gives you space to make your own decisions.
11. Inspires you.
12. Shares your taste of movies.
13. Keeps your secrets.
14. Accepts that you are a klutz and a scatterbrain, and assures you that somewhere, somehow, someone will learn to love you.
15. Is loyal and stands by you in times of need.

Thanks my fren.

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Gloria Wong said...

i agree with your entry! =) Misses your entry! =) take care