Monday, February 12, 2007

murphy's law?

My mum took leave for today and booked me in advance to go shopping with her.
I am her shopping catalyst, 'cos somehow I ignite the fire and manage to find good buys no matter where we are.

But today was bizarre!
She was not feeling too well, so she nuah-ed the first half of the day, whilst I took the opportunity to do some work.
By the time we reached Vivocity, it was about 5pm.
We had an early dinner so we would work it off shopping....then we set off purposefully to find mum some New Year clothes.

But the strange thing is, by 8pm, we were zonked out!!
After 2 hrs of shopping.
This is not normal -- I am a shopaholic.
I can shop for HOURS on an adrenaline rush, alone or with someone else.
But I was completely wiped out and my shoulders were aching, and my eyelids were down to my chin.
I nearly fell asleep standing in line at the taxi stand.

And guess what, part of the tiredness was because both of us were frustrated that there was nothing much for Mum to buy.
Bored in Vivocity!!
Isn't it supposed to be like twice the size of Ngee Ann City?!

Of course, stuff caught MY eye everywhere we went, but because today's shopping trip was for her...I kept restraining myself.
No wonder I am tired.
And yet, in the end, I succumbed and got myself ANOTHER chinese new year outfit (dress and shoes), and mum got ONE MISERABLE TOP.

Which reminds me of something I said very recently...

When you don't have money to splash around, or you are trying to save up and NOT buy anything, you'll spot something that you like around every corner you turn.
When you have money and you badly want to spend it, or when you really need to shop and buy something, chances are you will not find anything you really like.

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