Monday, December 31, 2007

I'll see ya next year!

I'm off to Hong Kong tomorrow for a whole week of fun!! :)

Am finishing some work now, then I have 2 hours to fit in the most restful sleep ever before I head for the airport. 


Seeing that I'll be counting down in Hong Kong, here's my last post for this year.

What I Have Learnt This Year, or Am Willing To Admit: 
1. No one is perfect. Or even near it. If I'm not at the bottom of the rung, I'm somewhere very near it. 
2. I really enjoy wrapping gifts. And wrapping paper and all the embellishments.
3. All it takes is a small but consistently wholehearted thought to get my life direction snowballing in the direction I want it to. 
4. I have a crush on Sammul Chan. :P
5. It takes a lot of stamina to have a kid and keep up with him. A lot of stamina. 
6. If you want people to feel comfortable around you, it's important to love yourself so u feel comfortable around you first.
7. I am such a sucker for packaging.
8. My uncles and aunties are really generous towards my family.
9. Somewhere and somehow from someone, I learnt to fear loneliness this year. 
10. I learnt to overcome the fear of loneliness this year. 
11. I am a repressed shopaholic. 
12. I am sooooo into bags. Way more than I am into clothes, or shoes. I want a Bag Room in future.
13. I am more Calvin & Hobbes and vintage Mickey Mouse than Hello Kitty and all the other girlish cute things which make me go eeks.
14. I have a crush on Inuyasha. Still.
15. I need to enlarge my capacity. In all areas.

Happy New Year!


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