Wednesday, December 26, 2007


51,904 people turned up to celebrate Christmas!
W356 had a breakthrough attendance of 34!
Woo hoo!!

Oh yes, and ... HAPPY 60th BERFDAE, DADDY.
AND AND AND, he let Ah Ma and us all PRAY for him over his berfdae cake today!
Not just that, he listened and asked Ah Ma why didn't she pray for the rest of us too.
She did, but his listening comprehension is down by 50% now, so he prob didn't get it. 
Oh, hope ignites the soul afresh! :)

Am looking forward to:
1. My thanksgiving CGM at KBox tomorrow
2. My trip to HK for NY countdown
3. Next flea market in Jan
4. Visiting Benji
5. Packing my room (ooh, it's sooooo cathartic ... haha) 
6. Consolidating my wardrobe
7. Visiting the beach, and
8. Catching a good movie

... now that the office is closed for 2 weeks. :)

On a more macro note, am also looking forward to moving on, or better yet, speeding on. 
It's gonna be good!

I had some really happy presents this year too!
Maybe cos i chose them myself ... haha ... 
My family is getting progressive, now Ah Ma simply reimburses us for what we spent on our own presents, and Mum's following in her footsteps.

I'm gonna go catch up on a little bit of sleep for now.
Shoulders and back aching from wrapping gifts ever since I touched down Expo, but I made money and I had fun! :)

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