Friday, December 14, 2007

something sweet

I came across this in another blog and tot this was lovely.
I didn't edit it ... and it may just read like another love story.
But it's all in the punch line. 
This guy is a gem to know the power of creating a memory for down times.

It was just another day for her…or so she thought.

But he had other plans…
Plans that she did not have an inkling of.

He came to her place for dinner. 
She was in tee shirt and shorts,
her hair was in a mess,
and she wasn’t at her best.

After dinner,
he told her things that would have made her heart fly.

He said he has accepted her for all that she was, spots and all,
and wanted to take care of her for life.

But, she thought it was a joke.

She poked Fat Bunny at his face and laughed it off,
“Ya Ya Ya, where’s the ring?”

She didn’t expect anything at all.

If she had been more observant, maybe she would have noticed that
his sleeves were enormous that day.

Because, he definitely had something up his sleeves.
Yet, she was too blur to notice.

He laughed and said, Look downstairs, my friends are there!”

Getting off the couch, she rolled her eyes and walked towards
the window.

Looking down, there indeed was no one.

As she spinned around, saying “Yahhhh righhtt…”,
she almost tumbled unto the ground.
There he was, on his knees…

What caught her eyes next was the tiny wine red box in his hand.

Buried snugly right in the center of the white cushion,
was a little sparkling Diamond ring.

It was Beautiful.

But to her,
what was priceless, was that expression on his face.

He had the most Earnest Look in his eyes,
and his hands trembled as he held the box towards her.

Her heart pounded and she almost teared.

Maybe what she said next, was one of the nicest sounding words he has ever heard.

Later, she asked him, why he had chosen to ask her then.

Having watched too many TV programmes,
she has always imagined herself in a nice restaurant, looking her best,
when he popped the question.

Yet, he told her,
” I wanted to propose to you when you feel the ugliest about yourself.”

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