Sunday, September 21, 2008

kisses from heaven

This is a very late entry, but we had the scare of our lives last week.

On Thurs night, Mum said Dad was suddenly shivering very badly.
So I rushed home after CGM. 
By then, the shivering had stopped but he seemed super agitated and scared. 
So we prayed for him, and then he finally went to sleep. 

The next morning, he wouldn't wake up no matter how we shook him.
Usually when he's very tired, he'd keep his eyes closed and still open his mouth to eat.
But this time, he couldn't even open his mouth.
I kinda freaked out. I thought we were losing him.
Called the nurse to come check on Dad, and summoned Mum and Jon home. 
Then I smsed Ah Ee, YL and Ps. Tan, who came down as quick as they could. 

Later Dua Gor came and suggested we try to feed him sugar water.
And once Ps. Tan came and said hullo to him, he was a little more able to open his eyes.
We were like, "Whoa...the anointing?!"
Ps. Tan stayed for quite a while, praying over and talking to Dad.
And arranging for Chinese Church staff to come down and follow up etc.
They've been so faithful in visiting Dad, and I can tell Dad's very touched by them.

The nurse and doctor didn't manage to come until late afternoon, and thank God, by then Dad was slowly getting better.
Turns out his blood sugar level was low, cos he hadn't eaten much since 6pm the night before.
So the sugar water really helped...
Now we are paranoid and feeding him every few hours.
He's tired more easily now, and can only sit up for a while everyday.

But in the midst of all these, I thank God for blessing us with a good maid, Sri.
For what she has been doing, she's been exemplary in her care for my dad and us.
With Dad's erratic bladder and bowel movements, we have to wake up 2-3 times in the middle of the night to change his diapers and sometimes even the bed-sheet when it gets soiled.
As I don't sleep early, I manage to help if it happens between 11pm-3am.
Dad can't really shout out, so he alerts us by pulling out the bed-sheet and most times the pressure relief mattress too.
Sri gets the bulk of it because she sleeps on the floor next to Dad's hospital bed, whereas the rest of us sometimes sleep right through it.
Sometimes we tell her to get some rest in the afternoon when Dad is sleeping, but she'll always refuse.
Neither does she seem to eat! Goodness.
I'm always nagging at her to eat, which is an irony seeing that I am irregular with my meals. :P

Mum and I are also so thankful to our companies for their understanding when we need to take urgent leave, and allowing us to work half day from home.

God does bring blessings during valley-times. :)
I call them kisses from heaven.

On a lighter note, here's something nice that Nat did for me. 

She calls it Glamour Girl. 
I lurf it. :)

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