Sunday, September 28, 2008

Greater things have yet to come....

"Though your beginning was small, 
Yet your latter end would increase abundantly."
~Job 8:7~

A couple of times, i thought about how my parents started working early in their lives.
My mum was fresh out of secondary school when she entered the workforce.
Which meant she started contributing to her household expenses at the age of 16.

In comparison, I started working full-time in a permanent job only when I was 27 years old.
That's a difference of 11 years!

And as I looked around at some of my friends and thought about what I read in the news from time to time, I began to think that it's not just me who's started late.
Many of my peers had delayed entries into the workforce, mostly because of further studies.

The previous generation seemed to have it hard in that, not only were they giving to THEIR parents, they also seemed to be providing for their children (my generation) longer than their parents had. 
Throw in inflation and stuff like overseas studies, and it's easy to understand why they feel the need to become more and more thrifty over the years.

On a parallel dimension, it seems that my generation is in such a stage when it comes to family salvation.
Not only are we praying hard for our parents' salvation, but we are also learning how important it is to grow spiritually with our spouses and raise and lead our children with godly values. 

The generation before us may be carrying the baton longer when it comes to family finances, but we are now reaping from their sacrifices.
Their wise planning, insurance payoffs and investments are carried forward into our lives.

Likewise, my generation may be carrying the baton a little longer.
But I believe this generation is the pivot point where things begin to change.
Not only will we see our parents saved, we will leave an inheritance, a spiritual legacy for our children and their children. 
My generation is the one in which it becomes fashionable for the entire family to serve God together.
The one in which it is the norm once again, for the sons and daughters to be proud to take on their parents' DNA. 

Things are starting to get exciting. :)

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