Wednesday, September 24, 2008

i lurf impromptu days

Monday was a happy day of spontaneity!
I rushed out of the house in the morning to help Amelia (she's my sec school fren, beat that) with some stuff. 

Then somehow we ended up at Central lunch time, meeting Min for Jap. :)

Accompanied Amelia for her X-Rray after, then caught up with Pheebs for her unplanned berfdae treat at Bakerzin, before she headed for dinner with KS. 

We got too busy chatting to take photos tho! Haha. 

Then it's Min time again as I suddenly thought it'd be nice for us to go for one of our massages.


We then caught up over one of my faves for supper. :P 

I really miss my gallivanting Mondays these days, so it's extra nice when I get a day off to play and do what I wish, at the snap of my fingers! 
Plus, it's always a bonus when the paths of good frens cross mine then too!

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