Thursday, September 25, 2008

simple pleasures

One of my absolute faves since before I left for Melb.
Laine will remember this ... haha.
Our frens who pop by at night always can tell that I've just showered.
Like my bro says, the scent "lingers...."
Yes, he's been won over too.

For some reason, it's seasonal, and hence not always available. 
So when I saw it at Guardian, I grabbed 2 big bottles!
Only because I had no free hands to carry more. :P

It's 946ml each, so it should last my family and me awhile.
Plus, a little of it goes a long way too. :)

It makes me want to take more showers ... Haha. 


Anonymous said...

Hey! Thats my favorite too! I have a whole carton of it in Singapore. Its what I'm using here in Saudi Arabia as well.

Sharon Chew's blog said...

Gosh! it's such a comfort smell isn't it?! :)