Wednesday, July 15, 2009

JX wrote an iPhone app!

OMIGOSH, my fiance wrote an application program for iPhone!!!
And it's on sale now for only $0.99!! 

You can also do a search for GREAT QUOTES on the Appstore. 
Just double check that the developer's name is JayAxe!

Thanks for your support! :) 
I'm off to rave over my amazing husband-to-be! 


Nat said...

the link is wrong leh... can resend or change ar? I can't get in. Not that I have iphone but my boss has so can ask him to buy ahahahaha.

Sharon Chew's blog said...

Hm...I told JX, he's changing the link.
But before that, you can also ask your boss to log on to Appstore and do a power search for Great Quotes. The developer's name is JayAxe. :)
Thanks for the support gal! :)

Gloria Wong said...

wow!! i will download it for my itouch! hee

Sharon Chew's blog said...

Hey thanks thanks Gloria!! Appreciate the support!
Show it to your frens and get them to buy too okei? :)