Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Peevish laughter

I was in a grouchy mood last night.
Cos of a combination of several factors.  
Then I looked at my room and got even more peeved cos I badly wanted to pack it full-force, but I couldn't cos I had many other things to do! 
So there I was, stalking in and out of my room with a "don't touch me" face....

Then the fiance called, and he asked why I sounded so stressed.
I said, "I'm very MANG ZANG!!" and started to tell him why.
To his credit, he laughed and light-heartedly took all the complaining in his stride. 
He even played along, which made me laugh.

But I was still crabby, until he suggested something for our honeymoon which completely changed my mood!
He felt maybe we should go for a shorter and cheaper honeymoon, and use the money for something else.
That was a huge risk to take, telling a crabby woman to give up on her ideal honeymoon!
Logically, the thought of not visiting Europe should have made us go, "HUHHHHH...."
But on the contrary, I found myself smiling from ear to ear.
Cos it's something I had been thinking about too, but I was just trying to find a good time to share with him.
I think we both felt it was a God-inspired thing.
Especially as we were so in agreement about it. 
And everything else seemed to fall into place with this decision.

Then somehow the conversation led us to share about some stuff we felt God was speaking to us during the day and week...
So, by the time we hung up, I was one happy girl. :)
Let's give the man of the house a big hand!

Speaking of laughter, don't these precious couples look so happy??

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