Friday, July 17, 2009

Some random pics

Bye bye Long John Silver's .... We will resume our rendezvous after my wedding. :P

If you are thinking, "That doesn't look like Shar..." You're so right!

That's the decoy I set up to pass off as me. 
It was a hi-stress day. 

We haven't queued at our Jurong West church building in eons! I had almost forgotten what it felt like. While trying to get as much air-con as possible, I whipped out my hp and asked the man to smile. 

Me and my Harry Potter buddy Nicole!

I call him Sunshine Baby Kaiser.
He smiles and laughs at everything, and is an absolute darling!

Go green, everyone! :D


Nat said...

huge calculator!!! and it's GREEN. Gosh I want one ORANGE one. Where you get it??

Sharon Chew's blog said...

Nice right?! My colleague bought for me from HK, but if I'm not wrong, it's come to Singapore too ... If I see it, I help you get! :)