Monday, July 13, 2009


Highlights of today:

- I got ready in 15 mins; earned JX's applause for the feat. 
- We were blessed by Dr. Bernard's sharing at the Expo service this morning. 
- I caught up with Nic and Daz over dessert (this one was when I was still awake).
- JX's parents successfully asked (on behalf of their son) for my hand in marriage ... or what we call "ti qin" in Chinese.
- Both families had a good time food tasting at our wedding dinner venue ... the conversation was practically non-stop from when they met at my place right through the entire dinner. Amazing for a first meeting. :)
- Caught up with JX, Nic, Daz, Celine over drinks at Esplanade after the dinner (I was already half gone here ... and the Dirty Harry didn't help things ... JX left earlier cos he was even more zonked out than me!)

So now I'm off to bed, thanking God for a good albeit tiring day. :)

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