Friday, December 16, 2005


I'm getting lazy to blog...:P

I've been revisiting the Melbourne tourist spots while trying to settle everything at my old place.
The sights in Melbourne are better off seen and experienced than described, so I'll talk a little abt the different hats I've been wearing this week instead.

Navigating my dad made me realise how similar we are....
For one thing, we can't multi-task when it involves listening! :P
I keep repeating and repeating directions, but he's so focused on driving he doesn't hear anything and then he claims I never said a single word.
Another thing, any mistakes u make, do it on your graduation day.
No one will blame you then. Hee hee.

It is tricky to try and please everyone's music taste, esp when the youngest is 21 and the oldest is 75.
I should have done up a cd with chinese, jazz, instrumental, english and the occasional hokkien song.
The car was shaking from side to side with laughter when I played the Liang Zhi Qiang hokkien army song.
My fave part is when the guy who always acts as a loan shark sings, "No.3 ga dai bo ji wah lai wah ki"
(And all the guys snigger and go "See, I told u she's ah lian.")

Human crutch
You know how in Taiwanese shows like Huan Zhu Ge Ge, they always have some maiden support the Empress as she walks down stairs etc?
We call my cool granny Wong Ah Ma - the Royal Matriarch.
Maid - me lah.

Obsessive-compulsive attendant
For some reason, I have found that some members of my family keep quiet about their toilet and eating needs, until it is absolutely necessary.
Yes, for fear that they will hold up the entourage of 6-8 people if they ask to stop for a break. Haha.
You can't get more phlegmatic than that.
So I check and check and check if people need to stop for toilet breaks or a bite or drink or a back-scratch.

Being the person who knows the Hanafis' place the best among my family, I am asked for and about, being the super-capable woman I am, I rise to the occasion and ask Daisy.

I think Salvation Army should give me a VIP card or something.
I've made 2 trips there (thanks to Daz), and think I'll need to make a 3rd one.
I've also been thowing away stuff like mad, except when I'm trying to secretly give stuff away to people like Chester.
Everything else, and I mean everything, goes into the bin.


This one is more of my whole family.
The real estate agent opened the apartment for viewing but I was expecting just a few people.
My family was sitting in the middle of the living room eating KFC when more than 20 people started traipsing in around them.
It was hilarious to see their expressions, like animals in a glass zoo.

Graduate (!!)
Muahaha....I am now officially a role model for all my little cousins on my mum's side.
It was a super funky graduation ceremony, with the chancellors sitting on a revolving platform that resembled a WWF ring, complete with neon lights.
Band playing "Play That Funky Music" as the doctorate holders marched up on stage.
I was hoping to march up when they were still playing a techno version of Pachelbel's Canon, but too bad....I was too far down.
Anyway, I have finished this part of my race!!
It's on to the next section for me! :)
No deep reflective thoughts on that at the moment, because I think it still hasn't really sunk in yet.
Too busy being on holiday for now.
Can u believe it's only a week to Christmas?!
Woo hoo!
p.s. strawberry picking tomorrow. yum. :)


Darren said...

you forgot the most important role, the bobo-klutz-drop-trip-splash-everything person.

Anonymous said...

Sigh...that too, indeed. But i didn't spill a cup of tea on myself on my graduation day!! kekekeke.......