Friday, December 9, 2005

fish fish fish

Sorry haven't been updating, cos I'm too busy packing and playing! :p
Was supposed to celebrate getting my drivers license on Tues, but since I didn't get it, Darren and Chester immediately took me to Mornington Peninsula for fish 'n chips.
No celebration but who said I couldn't have a comfort meal? :P was a car of people with not-so-happy stuff on their mind.

Me - the obvious.
Darren - angel eyes for his Beemer still not here.
Chester - lost a colleague and fren to a car accident the night before. spite of the houseflies and us missing the main menu by 10 mins at the restaurant by the time we got there, I had a fab time.
We packed fish 'n chips from another shop and ate with our hands at the jetty.
Even better....the sea breeze swept away the hordes of flies on our backs.

So, I think the not-so-happy people ended up quite happy after all.

Today, went fishing with Daz, Chester and Josh at Emerald Lake Park, after a yummy breakfast at Cafe Sweetheart.
We caught 5 barramundis and cooked them for dinner.
Hahahaha..........we wished!
The fishes were all hibernating away at some secret hideout, and there was no sign of them at all.
Plus, the houseflies really took a liking to us (again), maybe cos of the Red Rock Deli chips we were crunching down....or the sun screen we had on....or my Kenzo Flower....or the smell of worms (eeks).
We got annoyed and impatient.
So, no catch at all.

However, we did find out that Chester is the best rock thrower among all of us.
His range is ......*blink blink*......really something.
I swing as wide and throw as hard as I can, but as usual, the stone invariably lands with a plonk right in front of me.
Anyway, we also found a reservoir that was rather lovely to just sit and chill.

I enjoyed myself.
It was a day of total zo-bo-ing.
No agenda to follow, no storm to beat.
And on our way back, we stopped for KFC again!
Hee hee!

Heaps of thanks to Daz and Ches for being around the last few days.
Since Louis and Brian went back, I've been pretty much on my own.
(Kitaro's preparing to go off next Tues, so personally, he's got heaps to catch up on too.)
I prob would have been contented to stay at home, and hang around myself a bit.
See, cos I never mind doing that.
I have fun when I'm with people, but I enjoy it when I'm left on my own too.
But spending time with them does make me very glad to have frens around.
They've really helped by taking me out, hanging around, and esp for Daz, helping me to shift stuff and offering more help.
So, thanks for taking care of me, guys.
Makes things A LOT more manageable for a gal in her last few weeks of overseas living. :)
And nothing beats laughing at a joke/boo-boo, or yawning at a boring show with others. Haha.

Hm.... my family is arriving tomorrow nite.
Actually Sun 1:00am lah, so I've to finish whatever I can before I leave for church tomorrow.
Then it'll be taking them around etc etc etc.
So if I'm not online or I don't reply email, it's probably 'cos I'm too pooped! :P
Thank God for Sis Wei Wei's offer to let them stay at her place, which makes it so much easier for me to settle whatever house stuff I need to.
There's heaps to get rid of and make sure people buy!
Back in Singapore 20 Dec! Woo hoo!
Landing at 1:00am so that means I'll get to see the night lights as my plane descends.....lurf it! :) I always get overwhelmed for 2 secs or so, cos the sight of home as u descend is just.... indescribable.

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