Sunday, December 4, 2005

remember THAT wakeboarding trip?

My last few weeks in Melbourne...I should be re-visiting my old haunts right?
Instead, as I was mentioning to the guys, it seems like my last few weeks are full of new experiences.
I reckon I've seen a lot more of Melbourne in this last year than in the 2 years before. :P

So....wakeboarding today!'
Who went?
Adeline, Davina, Darren, Chester and me.
And Adeline's instructor Steve and his two frens, Carl and Theresa.
It was greaaaat fun, even tho it ended up as a test of our survival abilities! on read on.

First, we were suspicious about the weather.
Dark clouds and drizzle on the way there.
But if you keep confessing something, it comes true u know.
So by the time we got to Hazelwood Pondage 2 hrs later, the sun had emerged.
Hallelujah! :)

Chester took off on his own to fish for dinner.

After a period of waiting and brushing away annoying flies, the rest of us finally got into the boat and took off.

Steve the instructor went first and zoomed about on the water and made it look so easy.
Okei lah! We also can! Haha....Or so I tot lah.

Davina went next.
Steve taught her the basics, but I think it was more of Adeline and Darren who ended up really coaching her.
It's her first time, and she managed to get into a half standing position and eventually stood up for a while! Woo hoo! :)
Then.....10 mins up.

Next - me!!
Ooh la la..... I got in and kept hearing the voices of Adeline and Darren ringing in my head.

"Let the boat pull you. Don't fight it!"

"Keep your arms straight."

"Stay in the pang sai position."

"Squat until 3/4 way, then stand up."

Okei okei okei......I went with the flow and voila, managed to stand up for all of 0.2 seconds!
Ah ha! *smug look*
Psychomotor skills not as bad as I thought....phew!
A few more runs and 10 mins was also up for me.

Hm.....a storm was in the making.
It was lovely.....looked just like something that would eventually brew into a tornado, or waterspout or something.
Woo hoo....storm chasing! :)

Experienced Darren decided to go anyway.
He got to ride a few times, and was looking good skimming the water and all.
But, he didn't get to finish his turn...'cos

The rope got caught in the propellor.

The storm took a nasty turn.

The boat drifted towards the rocks.

The boys got into the water and kept pushing the boat away from the rocks.

The gals paddled backwards furiously.

Everyone was drenched.

Davina called Chester to go for help.

Adeline got into the water to pee.

The current carried Adeline and Darren away.

Adeline and Darren climbed the rocks to get to shore.

Chester appears with helpful jet-skier.

Helpful jet-skier pulls boat to jetty.

Boat is towed out of water.

Sun re-emerges.

Poor Adeline, she didn't get to wakeboard at all.
Steve mentioned it's the worst trip he's ever had.
Rain plus a stuck propellor plus boat likely to become firewood plus current.

Everyone shivered their way into the car.
Then, there arose such a unanimous cry for KFC.
Ha! For once, I'm not the only one craving for Colonel Sander's secret recipe.

Had a most satisfying dinner and then it was back to Melbourne.
Went to wash the car, and shift Jimmy's stuff to Hanafis.
Thanks heaps man, Daz and Chester!
What would I do without you guys helping?!
Appreciate the thoughtful great company too! :)

*a big smile on my face*
Lurf it when you have friends to share such experiences with.
Lurf it when things get so unbelievably memorable.
Lurf it when u can go, "Remember THAT wakeboarding trip?" and everyone knows right away which wakeboarding trip.

p.s. yes yes, will post pics once I get them from davina. :P

Val : No worries, I lurf packing remember? Serious packing already taking place! I'm so glad I cleared whole pile in the living room. It's super easy to pack my room stuff, cos I know what I wanna throw or keep. It's all the communal stuff that's a headache. :P


Darren said...

We'll go back to Singapore and you can see what wakeboarding really is ok?

Anonymous said...

hi gal! u sure it was wake boarding you signed up for or some insane water survival - life rescue course?

pls b careful of the courses you sign up for leh. dun sign up for a how to eat croc meat class, end up croc eats you or something... the graet outdoors can be deceptive... :)

your water survival course tho, reminds me of my crazy banana boat ride in Phuket with the guys ... climbed up, got flung off, couldnt back onto the banana boat cos was laughing so hard.. end up the guys had to haul me up, one leg each! and then we did it all over again ... and the worse of it all... shirl has the evidence all on film...those are pictures that must be destroyed foEVERRRRRRRRRR.. but the memories... they live on! it was one of those 'That banana boat ride' moments... :)