Saturday, December 3, 2005

food and guns

New find - Yokoyama's in Doncaster!
Michael's makan recommendation is always reliably goooood.
We went there for dinner after 5pm svc, and Dazzler gave us all a treat....even tho we shoulda been the ones treating him, cos it's his berfdae. : P Owe u one k, Daz!

The restaurant has a bright-blue-and-yellow signboard, which kinda diminishes its credibility.
But I like the's real cosy, even though we were sitting right in the middle of nowhere.
And the smell of food as we walked in was very promising!

We had sushi and sashimi platter, agedashi tofu and octopus balls to share.
As usual, I went for my tori kara age (fried chicken) which was rather disappointing, but still, it's fried I gobbled it all down.
My new fave is cha soba, but it wasn't on the menu....which is weird.
And as Jen pointed out, they didn't have chawanmushi either!

Anyway, the food was yummy....pure make-you-happy kinda food.
Adeline and Michael shared sukiyaki - in Adeline's opinion, the best she's tasted.
I've never had beef dunked in raw egg before, and it is the yummiest!!
And the sushi and sashimi?? Bliss. :)

And to top it all off, I had wasabi ice cream.
Pure genius.
It was plain cool.

Maybe I'll take my family there when they come. :)

Okei, enough gushing about food.

We went back to Daz's place to watch Lock, Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels after the satisfying dinner.
I've read so many good reviews about it, and it's one of those I keep telling myself to get and watch, but just never get round to doing it.
Guy Ritchie is really stylish in his direction of the movie.
It's mainly a dude flick, but it was a smart dude flick. Haha.
It was cool how he pieced everything together and used heaps of music to effectively create the mood.
You just keep going "Oh man" at how everyone seems to be running all over the place yet going around in circles at the same time.
And other than the one-swear-word-a-sentence, I enjoyed how fast and witty they were with their comebacks.
Although, I'm so grateful for subtitles...heh heh.....can't imagine sitting through all that dialogue with my ears at 120% concentration mode!

More fun coming up tomorrow.....wakeboarding! :)

For all those concerned, yes yes I'm still packing.
Am at that stage after I pull everything out and before they all go into boxes. :P


Darren said...

Wow! We sound so happening! haha.

Anonymous said...

concetrate on the packing, gal! you don't wanna have to miss your flight cos half your luggages are still in your wardrobe! hahaha

hugely hilarious if you bring half packed stuff with toys and legs and paper sticking out of your bags... hmm.. well but not if i was the airline staff.. hahahaha

so after the wake boarding... its down to serious packing, K?