Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Counting my blessings...

Simple pleasures

It's nice to...
1. Feel warm and snug in my pyjamas on a raining-throughout day such as this.
2. Open the fridge and realize there's still a string of Yakult in it with my fave flavour--natural.
3. Come home to a letter in the letter box (even 'tho that stopped happening ages ago, since icq and msn came on the pic ... haha ... but there's always something about a handwritten letter.)
4. Share moments of wavelength-alignment with your dad/mum.
5. Not have to explain your decisions or comments.
6. Receive an sms from people who are so sweet to remember the date of my dad's results and take note to ask me how it went. 
7. Be given a surprise gift when you are down or upset. 
8. Be given a surprise gift anytime for no reason! Hahaha.
9. Know Benji recognises me.
10. Take a walk on a cool day.
11. Travel alone.
12. Drop into bed and fall asleep immediately. 
13. Know all's well with you and others.
14. Stumble across a good book. 
15. Work on something with your hands.
16. Dream.
17. Browse through catalogs.
18. Travel light. Everyday.
19. Successfully cut down on fast food and Coke.
20. Know what you are good at, and you like it too. 
21. Find a food place like Yokoyama's, where the food is so good it makes you happy. 
22. Come across a good bargain on something you've been wanting.
23. Plan for holidays.
24. See your savings grow and know you can't withdraw them.
25. Laugh heartily and have difficulty stopping.
26. Have a big wardrobe.
27. Clear your room of clutter.
28. Know the universe is collaborating for my success.
29. Have 24-hr bookstores in the world.
30. Generate income.

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Anonymous said...

Very extensive list! I cant even think of anything more now...