Tuesday, January 8, 2008

mai dong xi chi dong xi

I am back in the Garden City!

It was a rather unusual trip.
Caro and me made up the swinging singles.
Stephen and pregnant Rebek, Kai Kong and pregnant Yah Lan, and Yah Lan's parents made up the married couples.
Round that up with little princess Annya and you have quite a bunch. :)
I daresay Annya will find it hard to forget any of us now.
And even at her age, she's already attracting admiring strangers. 

My family was right--You can't expect to survive with $400 for a week in HK.
Thank God for ang baos from Mum and Ah Ee.
I went berserk cos the shopping in HK is sooooooo good.
I should save up and go there to stock up in future! 
Hee hee. 

Maybe I should invent a foldable version of those airport trolleys for travellers.
I always end up working my muscles to the fullest lugging bags home from trips.

And Dad is such a good gauge of prices.
He nailed almost every one of my purchases.
Except for my new Pedder Red boots, which he estimated at SGD$300 cos they are good leather but I got them at more than half the price cos they were on SALE! :)
I've got my new year clothes too ... am so glad cos it's so hard to find clothes to buy in Singapore! 

It's great to be back though.
You know how when you're in a place like HK or Indo, there's kind of a pressure to eat even if you're not hungry, simply cos you don't wanna miss out on all the yummy foods? :P
I had my fill of ...
1. yummmmmmmy Japanese food (really, really good) 
2. zha leung (dough fritters wrapped in rice sheets topped with hoisin sauce) 
3. wantan noodles 
4. instant noodles HK style, with diced pork or luncheon meat and egg! Hahaha.
Yes, and the Xu Liu Shan desserts and other cha chan tengs offerings too.

Back to life, back to reality!

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slegna said...

ARGH! i want to go HK TOOOOO! envious and hungry now...