Wednesday, April 30, 2008

my audrey hepburn calendar greets me with....

I'm in the midst of celebrating my berfdae!
Been having celebrations sporadically since last week...
And I know I've mentioned this ... but the collaborations between my Mum and zone cell group leaders and my colleagues etc ... all make me feel very very blessed to be loved. 
I've also gotten smses from frens new and old and some long lost ppl. :)
Definitely a happier berfdae than the year before...

This year's presents are diverse and happy ... but more on that again if I get round to taking photos!

I've been eating a lot too ... :P
After White Dog Cafe, I had: 
Steak at The Ship -- Not bad but Aston's better! I've recently converted Phoebe and Kok Siang to the power of Aston's too. Heh heh.
Sushi buffet at Sakae Sushi -- In the first round, we walloped 20 plates within 15 mins. :P
Jap BBQ at Aburiya -- Really really good...but I think really really ex too. :P
And tonight we're going for good Chinese food. 
Dad can whack his fish head most happily...

Confession: Everyday I'm also pigging out on yummier-than-Mamee noodles from Muji and Daiso. How....:P

Here are some photos of me and family at Marriott Hotel over the weekend for (you guessed it) ... my berfdae! :P
So nice of my aunt to book us a room there for a mini-getaway.
Am glad Dad enjoyed himself. :)

There's me cousin Rebekah holding on to her dad's foot...whilst we all ride pillion. :P

I lurf being in water! 
It makes me feel alive and totally puts me in a holiday (=good) mood.

It's salah that Jon and I are perched like royalty while our parents squat.
But they refused to take the sofa seats... :P

Happy people: Rebekah, Rachel, Ah Ee (the lady who generously booked the room for us) and Uncle Richard.
You can tell my eyes are tired by the way they've shrunk! :P

My VERY yummy almond longan cake!
Surrounded by the hotel's apples...haha...

BerfDAE start: Uncle Wahju just came by to visit Dad and pray for him.
Praying that all these seeds will culminate in his salvation real soon! :)

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