Wednesday, April 16, 2008

pull the curtains

You know how some of us like to go for the thrilling?
It's all the excitement of the unknown, and the pride that comes from knowing that you handled a wild situation (or person) well...
It's the same reason why gals always have a thing for bad boys, and boys always have a thing for racing on the roads.

I've recently learnt that there's something else to be said for the safe and secure little things.
Maybe it comes with growing OLDER. Haha.  
But there's an oft-overlooked kick (high/adrenaline rush/call it what you may...) that comes even when something that you have been expecting actually comes to pass.
On a regular basis.
Little acts of dependability may not bounce up in your face like Tigger, but over time, they do kind of make themselves known.
I enjoy the unveiling. :)

And the fact that I recognize it means that I'm hardly likely to take it for granted, which is a good thing. :)

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