Friday, April 11, 2008


We told my dad about his latest MRI report last night.
That the tumor is spreading and his chemo is not working.

I struggled long and hard to come to the decision to tell him, cos I don't want it to kill his hopes.
Mum suggested it, but I knew eventually it'll come down to me doing it.
But i thought fear of the unknown would weigh him down even more.

And strangely enough, from the moment I decided to go ahead with it, I felt much lighter and less inclined to tears.
So it's better to bring to light.
The truth does liberate.

Anyway, he took it rather well.
Said he didn't believe in chemo anyway, and he's gonna stick with qi gong and chinese medicine for now. 
Although, he did say it's rather scary, hearing what we told him.
Somehow, it's a relief to hear him say that it's scary, cos it means he does get it and is not in denial or anything. 
He didn't ask for his prognosis, so we didn't say anything.
Keep praying for him though. 
I'm looking for an opportunity to minister to him.

I got out of bed to great news today too!
BL's dad is getting water baptized tonight!
He got saved a few weeks back, after he was diagnosed with nose cancer.
I am definitely going to try and be there tonight ...
How heartening! :) 

Okei, I'm off to get ready.
I finally get to take dad to the art exhibition today. :)


Anonymous said...

Gosh, didn't know abt your dad's latest condition. Chin up ya, gal. I'm believing with you ok? What doctors can't do, God can. Amen.

Also, I'm really shelled when BL told me abt his dad. But the silver lining is that he's got saved. PTL!

Sharon Chew's blog said...

Thanks gal. :) Most importantly, praying for Dad's salvation now...

BL's family found out about the dad's condition around CNY I think. But it's really great to see the genuine conversion! :) And BL's praying with his dad every morning...I asked him to come visit my dad too, since every dad and mum lurf BL, even the most hardened ones. Haha.

Anonymous said...

haha, you're quite right about that!