Saturday, April 5, 2008

miniscule giant

Okei ... The exciting decision that I made?
It was to go to SOT (Bible School) this year.
Within one week, I unmade it.
Disappointed? I'd be lying if I said I wasn't.
But compared to why I decided not to go this year, the disappointment is a terribly small matter, negligible to tell the truth. 
Neither am I going to Taiwan anymore, but that's an even more miniscule matter. 

My dad had fits while he was in the hospital to collect his MRI results.
He's never had fits before ... 
Fact is, Doc said the tumor is spreading fast.
And he can't be left alone from now on, in case it happens again.
We're working out how to have one of us at home at different parts of the day.
In the meantime, I'm on leave for next week ... but will be working on stuff from home anyway. 
We also need to decide on his next course of medication ... 
All I can say is ... there are some decisions we should never have to make on behalf of others.

On a lighter note, I'm planning to take Dad to the Xu Bei Hong art exhibition in the Singapore Art Museum early next week.
Think he'll enjoy recognizing the paintings.
Either that or he'll regret all those paintings he gave away, cos now they are probably worth at least $20,000 each at auctions, I heard. :P

In the midst of all these, I am grateful for Min, who knows me well enough to gimme space to work things out.

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