Wednesday, July 30, 2008

all kinds of stuff

I got to go wakeboarding last Sat!
After many many weeks of talking about it. 
Wheeeeeeeee! :)

The sun was sneaky though....
It was hiding behind clouds, so I figured I won't need to put on sunblock yah?
My bad....guess who had the ickiest tanlines!

I'm still red and sore. :P
But I'm so glad I got to go out on the water! 
Next one will be with my cousins!
Tessa's in town, and Rachel & Rebekah have been waiting...
Plus Uncle Robert's asking about them too.

On the other hand, I also pigged out at the Orchard Cafe buffet with the ching gang yesterday.
Wel had some 1-for-1 special with his StanChart card, so he made sure we all got in on it.

The abalone is good...especially with the wasabi.
But the absolute best was the DRUNKEN PRAWNS.
The herbal soup was, in Wel's words, "to die for."
Each serving only had 2 prawns, so we kept going back for more.
Until Bry came and worked his magic on the serving guy.
He convinced them he needed portions for 4-5 people, and came back with an emperor-sized bowl with MANY drunken prawns!
Goodness....He's NOT just an aunty-killer. 
And we laughed so much at Val's school antics that we barely had energy left to finish our food.
Next gathering will prob be for Val's berfdae. :)

On a sidetrack, Glyn got back from Korea and bought us all these goodies!
Here's a pic of her getting the full blast of Carmen's expression of gratitude. 

I also saw this superbly adorable rabbit at a pet shop in Great World a while back. 
You can't see it, but it was chomping away non-stop

One last thing.
My dad had fits last week, and since then, he's been kinda weak, especially in his right side.
The tumor is in his left brain, so it affects the muscles on the right.
Do keep him in prayers!
I'm praying hard for him to experience God, and be saved! Soon! 

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