Monday, July 14, 2008


Yay!! I finally managed to go cycling tonight...
Some time at the beach works wonders for me. :)
Now my body is all mush, but my mind is wide awake and ready to go!

But omigosh....I got tired even before the lagoon hawker centre!
I blame it on my bike and its unadjustable gear. Hahaha....
Okei okei, so I haven't been exercising....

Wanted to check out Sunset Bay, but was too wiped out to make it there.
(Turns out my bro was there tho! :P)
Ended up at a new find-Mana Mana-which seems even better.
The breeze was ooh-la-la and there was NO CROWD. :)

Oh, for a beachfront house....

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