Friday, July 4, 2008

granny popcorn

My happening granny fell down some stairs and fractured her pelvic bone on Tues.
My aunty went to pick her up and it took 3 adults to hoist her, slowly into the car.
Poor granny, she was in so much pain ... but nevertheless, still feisty!
She kept insisting on going home while she was still in A&E.
She didn't give up even after the doctor said she had to be admitted.

Then, they said no wards were available until the next morning!
And it was only 10pm....faint.
I walked into the observation ward almost every hour to make sure she was okei, cos she was sooooo freaked out at having to stay in hospital.
It's an older generation thing huh.

The nurse there was incredulous when he realized I planned to stay with her till the next morning.
So, I'm pretty sure that's why he suggested moving her into a C-class bed first, then they'll upgrade her when a better ward opens up. 
Anything to get me out of there! Haha. 

Even so, we didn't get to settle in until 5am, and I ended up balancing myself on 2 plastic chairs, trying to lie down and get some shut-eye.
Thank God she had the corner bed, and it was well-ventilated.
NUH is really quite nice, and the staff there are friendlier...:)

Although my aunty came early the next morning so I could go home, I was soooooo zonked out I was talking nonsense, and doing things like pressing the UP button for the lift when I was heading DOWN...and super mang zang cos I had been wearing my contact lenses since the day before. :P
On the 2nd day, a better ward opened up so we upgraded her.
And once she had her TV and phone, she didn't need me anymore! 
So I went home and slept on my comfy bed...Hee hee. 

She seems better now, less painful. :)
Pls pray for her though, to have a speedy recovery and no lasting effects.
Thanks so much!

On a lighter note, my colleagues and I took a break from the stress of meeting deadlines to put a video we watched to the test, and see if our handphones can really make popcorn kernels pop!

6 mobiles and not one single pop! 

Look at us waiting and waiting to eat our Orville-Redenbacher butter popcorn!

Then, KK tells me that it's a hoax.
And those people in the video did it by dismantling a microwave oven and putting its megatron-thingy under the table!!
How much radiation is that thing gonna emit without its protective covering?! 


Anonymous said...

this picture is so hilarious! You seriously looked very eager and convinced that the corn's gonna pop!

Erm, it's a posed photo right? haha!

: s h a r : said...

Ahhhh, that's the room of people I know and lurve for their sense of humor and ability of great imagination.

Sharon Chew's blog said...

Shirl: It's a reflection of how we really looked in the beginning while waiting for the thing to pop!
Felt so cheated of our popcorn man....haha....

Shar: You missed out one...we also have the eagerness of heart to try anything fun!