Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Walking Joke Dictionary

Jianhe called me this morning with the funniest joke.
Yah, he does that from time to time to sprinkle some laughter my way. :)

Aliens were invading our planet, so the world's biggest powers got together to defend it.
The USA general said, "We have the soldiers, so let us do the fighting."
The Russia general said, "We have the tanks, so we'll send them in."
Both pointed at the China general and said, "You have so much land, can you store the supplies and make sure we get them when we need them?"
He said, "Sure!"

So they fought long and hard, the Americans and Russians...
As they were running out of weapons, tanks and steam, the USA general looked at the Russian general and said, "Where is the Chinese general with our supplies?!"
At this point, the Chinese general jumped out from the bush he had been hiding in, and shouted, 


I laughed myself out of bed.
He's the guy for jokes man.

On a sidetrack, I hear Russell Peters is coming!!