Tuesday, December 20, 2005

I am home!

You know Singapore ads are effective when you are flying into Changi airport and your inbuilt jukebox goes,

"It's the little things that we share,
The love and joy that's in the air
The children's laughter everywhere
And all our favourite things."

Followed by...

"This is home truly,
Where I know I must be,
Where my dreams wait for me
Where the river always flows

This is home surely
As my senses tell me
This is where I know I belong
This is where I know it's home."

Yes, I am such a soppy homesick patriotic that it's embarrassing. :P

Anyway, call or sms me at 90405430! :)

Packing frenzy is about to begin.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i still don't believe i missed your flight! some more i was looking forward to going to the airport to pick u up... and then have supper... and talk till thursday's sun goes down.. major plans in the pipeline.. but gulp...

o whatever my bo-bo was... sure glad you're back!! Welcome back my fren!! such are the little incidences that continue to define our frenship. hahahaa

catch u when you get up ...