Sunday, February 25, 2007


I found this hilarious.

I was at Vivocity checking out PageOne with Carol.
Shirl has this notebook from PageOne that is designed to look like a Chinese secret kung fu manual, and it says "武林秘集" (Manual of Martial Arts Secrets).
So I went hunting for it, whilst Carol wandered off.
I picked up a book, and ... true to shachew fashion, I fumbled.
It dropped to the floor, but not before crashing against the bookshelf and other books, resulting in a bing-bong-piang din.
I went "Oops!" and badly wanted to giggle ... but PageOne was soooo quiet!
Then I looked up and caught Carol's eye ... and we couldn't help but start laughing.
In her words, "When I heard the crash, i tot: Oh man, I think that's Sharon again...."

Talk about a reputation. :P

Then, guess what, I went to accidentally BLOCK Jae from my MSN list!
And I kept wondering why there was a "no entry" sign on his icon...
And every time I MSN-ed him, it wouldn't go through.
It doesn't explain on Adium, you see.
It was only when I used my colleague's MSN program that MSN tot to tell me oh-so-politely that I have blocked his person and would I like to unblock him?

Don't take life too seriously.
Ha. :)


Moms N Babe Haven said...

Soooo embarassing!!! After reading your blog...I felt so flushed cos I was imagining it to me ME doing THE STUNT...the butterfingers stunt! So Pai SEH!!!

Anonymous said...

eh heh heh heh... the 武林秘集 ar... cannot be bought leh. It's some ltd edt. stuff from them. I try & get my hands on 1 for you ok? No promise, but I'll try for you. But must be patient lar. ;-)

Sharon Chew's blog said... wonder I couldn't find it!!
thanks in advance for trying! :)
but if cannot get, no worries too yah...