Monday, January 21, 2008

Ben-let ... Pig-ji

My 2 tuition kids are as different as Benji and ... Piglet?
Okei, that is the weirdest analogy ever, but whatever.

J is restless and has the shortest attention span ever.
He keeps trying to get me to leave early so he can get back on the computer or go and sleep.
I gave him 45 mins to work on a comprehension passage and after 15 mins of laboriously reading through it, and another 15 mins of squirming through this-and-that, he finally settled down to gimme the semblance of some work in the last 15 mins.

C is the guai-est girl ever. 
She listens so quietly to everything I say during the whole 2 hours, and she picks it all up rather quickly.
I almost donno how to teach her. 
(sidetrack: she has the sweetest smile and the loveliest eyelashes though, I think the boys are gonna line up for her real soon! Haha.)

I haven't been teaching for a while, but it's still cool to be with youth.
And I wanna see them improve in their English by leaps and bounds! :)

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