Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Whenever I look at and talk to Irene, I am reminded that motherhood is a full-time calling.
Or rather, GOOD motherhood is a 24hr calling.
It's easy to be a mediocre mother.
Just like everything else in life, mediocrity is easy.

It's not like a 9-5 job (okei, now it's mostly 9-6 plus alternate Saturdays or whatever).
You can't switch off the moment you leave the office.
Your heart is tied to your kids all the time.
You are constantly thinking up new ways to reach them at their level.
You wake up earlier than them, sleep later than them, and in between, catch up on your backlog while they take their afternoon naps. 
You can't take off on your own for a movie anytime you want.
You have to plan your days like mad, teach your kids well and in the midst of it, balance it off with spontaneous fun.

However did my mum do that, and work full-time at the same time?
It's amazing.

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