Thursday, January 17, 2008

the end of the rope is not yet

I read a piece of news today on CNN, about the estimated 750 hostages held by Colombian rebels in remote jungle hideaways.
The report said that two women were recently freed to carry out a satchel of letters written by eight hostages to their family members.

It was sad enough to read about the suffering that the hostages are put through ... chained to each other at the neck ... one surviving 2 bouts of malaria ... one stricken by constant headaches because of a parasite that has infected his brain.

But then I came to these two lines:

"She said she's managed her police officer husband's nine-year absence with help of psychotherapy and anti-anxiety medication."


"In a December 21 letter, his first communication to his family in five years..."

Oh my gosh.
They've been held captive for 9 years.
And their family only heard from them after five years.

The human being is an unbelievably strong creation.
Just when we think we are at the end of our rope, we realize that God has wired us to go further.
But it starts in our mind.

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