Monday, January 28, 2008

February at hand

Thanks to Val's recommendation, I got some more tuition assignments today!
Really thank God for opening doors.
And it's great that all my tuition assignments are within 20-30 mins strolling distance. :)
So I get a bit of exercise while saving on transport. Haha. 

Attended Cherrie's wedding dinner at Chijmes tonight.
The place was really lovely, and so was her grand entrance led by a violinist playing Canon in D!
Lurf that piece.
I just hope the poor gal doesn't wake up with a headache after her wine sabo etc.
The place wasn't too acoustically-friendly and I think it must be pricey, but the food and service were much better than I expected.
Overall, niiiice. :)

The past few days have been receiving lots from Dr. Bernard's Corporate Leadership Seminar, as well as over the weekend services.
I'll attempt to type out all the notes, and when I'm done, those who would like a set, feel free to ask from me.
But try and get the CD cos it's really a whole bunch of stuff that will take you to another level.

Gosh, it's already the end of January 2008. 

Next Monday is Benji's 1st berfdae. (Which means he turns 7 yah?) 

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