Wednesday, October 15, 2008

i meet the nicest cab drivers sometimes...

I caught up with June over supper after leaders meeting tonight.
And we ended up chatting till 1am plus. 

So I caught a cab home.
And my cab driver was a rare breed!

Before I got off the cab, he noticed a guy walking past and he said, "Be careful...."
Then as I was walking halfway towards my block, I realised I could still hear the engine of the cab whirring away...
So I turned around, wondering if the cab driver was waiting to see me arrive at my block safely.

And amazingly, I was right!
When he saw me turn around, he waved at me most frenly-ly.
Naturally I waved back and gave him the thumbs up to signal that it's okei, I'm safe and he can leave.

How sweet of him! 
He's just like a caring uncle!

I regret that I didn't get his license plate number, so I could write a letter of appreciation to the cab company.

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