Saturday, October 11, 2008

Just a reminder for myself

Always trust God to do something about things behind your back.

He totally set up a conversation that led to where I wanted it to go.
And I didn't even know from the beginning that it was gonna take on that direction.

I fell asleep the night before thinking how to work out a win-win result in something that was frustrating me.
In between pondering, I was searching the Bible for answers and muttering to God, "Please Your hand in this.... Okei?" 

And He did! 
For once, I'm so glad I'm phlegmatic and decided to "wait and see" for a while first.
If I had listened to Frank Sinatra instead ("I did it MY WAY....."), it would have resulted in a disaster and an explosion on my end.
Cos I was already frustrated, see.

But God turned the frustration into a breakthrough.
Yay. :)

Still clapping my hands in glee.
I lurf how each day is unfolding. :)

I'm going for my poly classmate, Ah-Mich's wedding dinner tonight.
Whoo hoo....I haven't seen her in YEARS. :)
Can't wait!

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