Sunday, October 12, 2008

Just a quirky post

So, here I am ... taking a break from doing some work to daydream about travelling.
(Cos I'm at the airport, you see, and countless ppl are strolling past with their luggages)

It's just as, I am imagining myself in my hotel room in Maldives ...

... that I realize I sorta have a mini travel routine.
Whenever I check into a hotel, the first thing I do is unpack all my stuff...

Yes, while everyone is eager to dump their luggage at one corner and get out of the room, I'm busy making myself at home!

I'll arrange my toiletries oh-so-nicely on the bathroom counter.

Then I'll hang up my clothes or pack them into the drawers.

Followed by stacking my Bible and bedtime reading books on the bedside table.

I'm a VERY neat hotel roommate.
Which I find strange but quirky. 
Because on a DISC personality scale, my level of C-ness (aka: Melancholic. Whose traits include: systematic, perfectionistic, deep thinker) is like Australia ... 

Down under. 

So it's strange that I pack to destress.
A quirk especially pronounced when I was living in Melbourne.
My housemates will hear me stacking the dishes from the whatchamaycallit into the cupboards every night.

(They also hear me sneaking a packet of cheese rings into my room, but we shall not discuss that today....)
I like going to bed knowing that things in my house are where they are supposed to be.
Eg. Nothing lying randomly on the kitchen top or living room coffee table.

Now, the strange thing is, I'm less like that when I'm back in Singapore!

Maybe cos we lived with lesser stuff in Melbourne, so it's easier to get rid of clutter. 
Whereas my Singapore home just has TOO MANY THINGS. 

Or it may also be because BOTH my parents have high levels of C-ness!
There's nothing left for me to be fastidious about. :P

But here and there, I still do it with my Singapore kitchen.
I'll do stuff like pack everything into tupperwares and label them for easy access.

Especially after weekly marketing trips with Mum.
I lurf it when you can tell what something is at a glance! 

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